About WHFF



Very up market reception at Stanford in the Vale! Spot the now legendary scaffold steps over the wall in the background! The whole area around the pub car park is now a housing estate.


Dave & Kate Guest had run the wonderful Stanford in the Vale Folk Festival from it's inception until its closure in 1995, when they moved home from Stanford in the Vale to Grove. In 1997 they succumbed to public pressure and started a new event, and so White Horse Folk Festival was born. They continued to run WHFF until 2017, when they decided that they could no longer do so, and that years festival was advertised as being the last.

White Horse Folk Festival was too good to lose, and WHFF regulars Jeff & Elaine Gillett and Jacqui & Brian Ross decided the event would continue. With advice and the blessing of Dave & Kate the WHFF era entered a new chapter in 2018.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Dave & Kate for all their hard work running SIVFF, WHFF, Folk for MS and many other events over more years than most of us care to recall, and for their continued help and support.